Monday, February 4, 2013

Poem #1 - Thread

(Based on a True Story as channelled through a Class Exercise)

I was young, I didn’t know
What it was to kill.
With the impunity of
A child, barely conscious,
I weaved a tangled web
Of 'borrowed' thread
Within a fenced in world
Simply because I could
Get a cheap and
Childish thrill.
And a bird in flight,
Was tangled in that web
An unwitting victim of chance
And my own misdeeds.
It hung itself, the life
Choked out of it by an
Improvised garrote.
A numbing shock
Was my only response
When my parents gave me
The news of what happened.
And in that first innocent sin
I learned that actions have
Consequences and that
One being's fun can
Be another’s pain.
I was young; I didn’t know any better.
But it was still no excuse.

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